Welcome To BuyShipSave

BuyShipSave aims to offer customers a select range of quality products from some of the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers from around the world.

Buying, Saving and Shipping your order direct to your door is easy with BuyShipSave. Let our automated system take your order, process your order, notify our suppliers of your order and sit back and wait for your order to be delivered direct to your door.

At BuyShipSave we only use trusted payment systems such as PayPal and BIZpaye to safely transact your order.

At BuyShipSave We Accept BIZpaye...

BuyShipSave accepts both BIZpaye Crypto and BIZpaye Trade for 50% payment of the base price of any product in our store, subject to availability. Does not include shipping, taxes and any additional charges.

To purchase goods and services using 50% of the base price paid with either BIZpaye Barter or BIZpaye Crypto as part payment, please complete the following steps;

1.) Complete your order using the BIZpaye payment section
2.) Once your order is completed you will receive an email confirmation of your order.
3.) The BIZpaye staff will contact you to arrange the cash payment.
4.) Once the cash payment is made, the BIZpaye staff will process your complete payment both cash and barter/crypto and once confirmed a notice will be sent to BuyShipSave where your order will be confirmed and sent for fulflllment and delivery at which time further progress emails will be sent updating you.

Should you have any enquiries regarding your order and payment please email BIZpaye buyshipsave@bizpaye.com